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    Decorative Concrete Overlay
    Brings new life to dull/ugly concrete
    High margins, Easy to use

Unique Products. Beautiful Surfaces

Synthetic Creation Systems offers innovative, durable surface solutions for the discriminating architect, contractor, specifier, or property owner. The combination of quality products and thorough hands-on training enable home builders, landscape architects, landscape designers, specifiers, commercial contractors, and interior designers to create artistic designs that inspire.


High Margins, Easy to Use

The Decorative Concrete Overlay system is easy to use, customizable & saves your clients money by conserving materials.

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Client demands change & accidents happen. Does your material allow you the flexibly to fix the unknown that inevitably happens?

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Build Green

Don't tear out the existing concrete. Conserve materials & resources while lowering costs with Decorative Concrete Overlay.

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The Decorative Concrete Overlay System

Synthetic Creation Systems offers exciting alternatives to traditional materials. In use since 1999, our products have a proven track record of over fifteen years of consistent quality and dependability.

Beautify new and existing concrete with the Concrete Overlay System. A trowled on polymer modified cementitous coating, both very strong and light-weight, applied directly concrete. This system has superior durability, is low maintenance and has been specially formulated to provide maximum adhesion and excellent workability. Transform plain concrete into a durable smooth or textured finish. Easily simulate tile, flagstone, slate, and more with protective finishes that are stain resistant, UV resistant and provide a durable and low maintenance floor for many years.

Commercial Applications

The Synthetic Creation Concrete Overlay System is great for high traffic areas on commercial properties such as walkways, driveways, pool decks, and interior floors. Compared to the cost of removal or repair of worn or damaged concrete surfaces, the Concrete Overlay system can be installed at a fraction of the price! The Concrete Overlay system strengthens and enhances the surface to create a stunning new look and provides a permanent improvement to the value of any property. The design and color possibilities are limited only by the imagination. Traditional stones such as marble and flagstone can be replicated without size restrictions. Custom logos and inlays are possible too!

Products used for commercial properties must be safe and able to stand up to extra wear and tear. The Synthetic Creation Concrete Overlay System is durable, stain resistant, UV resistant with minimal maintenance. This system utilizes unique aggregates in a highly modified concrete mix that is manufactured under stringent quality controls and is specifically formulated to provide maximum adhesion. Extensive engineering and field testing have led to a product that is free of flaking and peeling.

Residential Applications

Times are tough. Housing values have spiked and decreased over the the past few years, even in the most affluent communities. You can still add value to your home! The return on your investment is important now more than ever. The Synthetic Creation Concrete Overlay System will bring new life to your existing concrete surfaces at a fraction of the cost of demolition and rebuilding.

The Synthetic Concrete Overlay System can replicate the look of flagstone, slate, tile, wood, brick, as well as most other stones and even custom designs. This system is applied directly over your existing concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, pool decks, and garage floors. Applications also include interior concrete floors such as kitchens, bathrooms, and more!

  • Undo

    Plans don't always materialize they way we expect in the real world. Client demands change and accidents happen. Does your material allow you the flexibly to fix the unknown that inevitably happens on your projects? With Synthetic Creation Systems, you can rest assured that your clients satisfaction can always be achieved. It's like having an "Undo" button because products from SCS can easily me modified or redone.

The Components

The Decorative Concrete Overlay System is made up of these high-quality components.


SCS Base

A high-strength polymer modified grout mix used to base or skim coat over existing concrete, Kool-deck, or masonry surfaces. The base mix has a self-leveling quality that limits trowel marks on the surface.


SCS Texture

A high-strength polymer modified grout mix designed for replicating stone textures over existing concrete, Kool-deck, or masonry surfaces. Chemically designed to address the challenges of natural stone textures.

Stonestrength Resin

Stonestrength Resin

The SCS Stonestrength Resin is a polymer modifier. SCS Stonestrength Resin has exceptional bonding capacity and is designed to be mixed in conjunction with the SCS Texture mix for replicating natural stone textures.


SCS Colorants

A highly concentrated, alkali free, liquid dispersion pigmentation system formulation specifically to integrally color SCS Concrete Overlay and Synthetic Rock grout mixes. SCS Colorant is available in a myriad of standard colors (Custom colors also available).

Design Tapes

SCS Design Tapes

One of the keys to this system is the tape that is used to create the patterning. Most tapes are not well suited to the caustic and abrasive atmosphere of decorative concrete. Our tapes solve tape disintegration (leaving fiber hairs everywhere) & inflexability causing grout bleeds.


Thermoplastic Sealer

A crystal clear, non-yellowing, premium quality thermoplastic sealer used to seal concrete surfaces. UV resistant and is perfectly suited for decorative concrete overlay, stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, or any other surface where penetration and wear resistance are important.

MSDS Sheets

Download MSDS Sheets for Synthetic Creation System products.

  • Eco Friendly

    Decorative Concrete Overlay flooring is a perfect example of this synergy of beauty, sustainability and economy, giving you a durable, low-maintenance floor that will last. You don't need to tear out your existing concrete. Conserve materials and resources while lowering costs by overlaying the existing concrete. You can even reproduce the look of most natural stones. There are many other environmental benefits as well, such as contributing to better energy efficiency, improving indoor air quality, and design versatility.

  • Light Bulb

    Buy Our Material Formulas!

    Are you interested in starting your own business or adding another source of revenue? The Synthetic Creation Concrete Overlay System has a proven track record of over 15 years of quality and dependability and we're offering the formulas for purchase! Contact us for more information.

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Synthetic Creation Systems offers new and exciting alternatives to traditional materials. Our products have a proven track record for over fifteen years of consistent quality and dependability.

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